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PCHA was founded in 1979 to identify, advocate for, and support the well being and physical and mental health needs of sexual minorities and other high-risk groups inadequately served by mainstream health care. In 1981, the AIDS Task Force of Philadelphia was established as part of PCHA for the purpose of reducing the spread of HIV/AIDS through prevention/education efforts and addressing the needs of those affected by HIV disease.

PCHA is the oldest AIDS service organization in Philadelphia and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and the fourth oldest in the nation. For two decades PCHA has provided a continuum of HIV-related services ranging from prevention and education efforts, and HIV counseling and testing services for at-risk populations to care outreach, early intervention, case management, and nutrition services for HIV-infected individuals.

In addition to HIV-related services, PCHA provides a variety of health-related services:

  • a mental health program which provides individual, group and family therapy to gays, lesbians, bisexual, transgender;
  • a sexual health clinic which provides STD screening and treatment; Hepatitis A and B vaccination targeting men who have sex with men; routine gynecological care, emergency contraceptives and pregnancy tests;
  • a Lesbian Health Initiative which provides resource information to the Lesbian community regarding culturally-competent health care providers and in addition provides sexual-minority sensitivity training for providers;
  • Education/outreach programs focusing on health and sexuality which target at-risk youth in schools and a variety of community settings including bars, concerts, and other popular places frequented by youths.
  • a Primary Health Care Center that offers preventative care and routine health maintenance that is low cost and sensitive to your unique health care needs.

Our services are provided to all, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, income, sexual orientation, age and physical status. With a dedicated staff and the guidance of a visionary board PCHA has been able to respond to the AIDS epidemic and to the needs of sexual minorities with innovative, professional and compassionate services.

Funding for PCHA services is provided by the Philadelphia Department of Public Health (AIDS Activities Coordinating Office), the Philadelphia AIDS Consortium, the Family Planning Council, and by grants and private donations. PCHA is a United Way donor option recipient.

This site contains HIV prevention messages that
may not be appropriate for all audiences.

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