Open Door Counseling is an Outpatient Mental Health program that has been in existence at PCHA since 1997. It was first developed for youth identifying themselves as Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender or questioning their sexual orientation, and needed a person to talk with in a safe and confidential environment about coming out, etc. Since then the program has grown to include adults and the issues range from major depression to family and/or relationship issues, coming out to their family, friends or workplace. We are expanding services to include individuals who have been exposed to same-sex domestic violence, both victims and perpetrators.

Coming Out Groups run from September to June, and if you’re thinking about coming out issues, you’re invited to drop in. The women’s group meets on Tuesday nights at the William Way Community Center, 1315 Spruce Street, at 7:30pm. The men’s group meets on Thursday nights at Washington West, 1201 Locust Street, at 7:30pm.

For additional information call 215-563-0652 and ask for Alison Gerig regarding the women’s group, and Danny Horn regarding the men’s group.