about Sex ...

Q. What was your worst sexual experience?
A. My worst sexual experience was when I was seduced by a co-worker. We had sex at my house once, even though I didn't really want to. The problem is that he keeps harassing me and trying to get me to sleep with him again. It makes going to work everyday a bad situation, and no one there will do anything about it. The people I've talked to seem to think that because we're both men, or maybe because I already did have sex with him once, that he can't possibly be harassing me.

Q. What was your first gay sexual experience like?
A. Bittersweet. I was swept away by the romance. I allowed myself to become intoxicated by the seduction. I experienced a level of belief and trust in another person that I had never felt before. I felt for the first time the feeling of surrender, the bliss, the hope for my future. After a few weeks I was betrayed and hope became despair...I learned the pain of mistrust.