Lesbian Health Initiative




  • Is being a lesbian, bisexual or a woman who loves women putting you at a greater risk for some health problems?
  • Whom do you have to talk with about difficult issues?
  • Are you afraid to "come out" to your health provider?

No, we don't have all the answers, but the Lesbian Health Initiative at PCHA and our Philadelphia Lesbian Health Resource Guide provides a list of health providers who have been trained for and are sensitive to women's issues. Whether you are looking for an internist, a chiropractor of some complementary therapy - you'll find it in our guide. Click on the image at the left, or to receive a free copy, call 215-562-0652.

PCHA provides GYN services and primary health care.

Individual, couples and family counseling and a free and ongoing women's coming out support group is also available as part of the initiative.

Spreading the Word about Lesbian Health

Lesbians, bisexuals and other women who partner with women are members of every population served in the clinical setting. The unique health needs of lesbians and bisexual women cannot be addressed if practitioners assume all patients are heterosexual. Because of poor experience with the healthcare system, too many lesbians avoid the routine care that is essential to maintaining good health.

To this end, PCHA conducted a comprehensive Lesbian Needs Assessment in 1997 – the Lesbian Health Initiative was the result.

Health Hints for Lesbians